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HELP!!! … I keep losing my keys

It’s always when you’re in a huge rush, your husband/wife is already outside waiting for you… that the keys decide to disappear!! Here are the questions I ask myself! Where did I leave them? Why are they not in my … Continue reading

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A Good Marriage Needs Good Pizza

Last night I discovered something new and great about marriage…. Homemade Pizza! I decided late yesterday afternoon that I was going to attempt to make my own dough and then my own pizza! I used my mothers recipe that she … Continue reading

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Sports! All of them !!! Almost!!!

Do you get tired of having to share your spouse with his favorite sport? I don’t, I LOVE SPORTS! Almost all of them! Some kill me of boredom but I love most. I wanna know, if as many of you … Continue reading

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Early Bird or Night Owl?

My husband and I need sleep in very different ways. Over the past little while my sleeping patterns have changed drastically. I feel that I need more sleep and that I am sleepy earlier. When I am getting tired at … Continue reading

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So a few days ago was my 3 year anniversary… Crazy how time flies! It feels like just yesterday I could fit in my dress ! I just wanted to tell my hubby Happy Anni Sam, looking forward to many … Continue reading

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Oregano! A cooking must!

Oregano is the one herb that I always have. This herb works so well in so many different situations. Oregano’s origin is from the Mediterranean and is used in many Greek, Italian and Spanish dishes. Oregano is a must in … Continue reading

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This morning I wanted to share a funny story! So I always always have an alarm on cause there is always something to be done early! If its not work, its Saturday morning appointments or church on Sundays. My hubby … Continue reading

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To Do List Part 2: You need a Due Date

Alright, the papers I have sitting everywhere are now all put on the separate To Do lists that I wrote about in my last blog. Now the next big step is making sure we have due dates or time-lines to … Continue reading

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Weekly Dinner Planner

Planning your dinner for the week is one action that will save both time, stress and help eliminate that “What’s for dinner” question! There are many things to consider when planning your meals for the week. Things to consider when … Continue reading

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Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

Hey followers! I gotta apologize for having fallen off the planet for the last 2 weeks. I do miss sharing and caring with you all so I’m BACK! I wanna talk to you guys about my most recent dilemma. So … Continue reading

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