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Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True…

Do you talk about your dreams, ambitions and goals with your other half?  I think that many of us feel like once we are in a serious relationship or have a family we can no longer reach new goals in … Continue reading

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Italian Popcorn

You’ve decided to stay in and have a movie night. That means popcorn! Here is a simple twist on a classic. How to make Italian Popcorn:1 sack microwave popcorn – not the butter one2 tablespoons butter1 teaspoon garlic powder1 teaspoon … Continue reading

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Bathroom private time!

Hello fellow couples!! How many of you loooovveee your private bathroom time. Time to read a book, play games, pick at your teeth, fall asleep or whatever it may be. I love my private bathroom time. It’s my daily little … Continue reading

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A great marriage starts with dinner?

Quite often Jason and I decide to have a nice romantic dinner together.  No music, no television, no internet, no phones…  Just him and I, having a nice, slow enjoyable dinner where we catch up on our day and our … Continue reading

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Fusion Hummus

We have all tried Hummus at a certain point. Either bought it or lucky enough that your mom has that special recipe that has been in the family for years. I decided to try and add a twist to the … Continue reading

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Do or Don’t go to bed angry??

I always hear don’t go to bed angry! I STRONGLY believe in that advice for 1 REASON ALONE: God forbid your spouse doesn’t wake up the next morning, you would never forgive yourself for the rest of your life especially … Continue reading

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Italian Sausage Night

Italian Sausage Night!! As the weather gets better we tend to start grilling BUT you look outside and it’s raining…what to do now. I will show you a delicious alternative to grilling those Italian Sausages. The presentation is beautiful and … Continue reading

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Distracted Driving: Epidemic

Have you ever checked a text while you drive?  Or glanced over at your phone to see who is calling while you’re on the highway?   I have always thought that I was amazing at multi-tasking.  I actually still do think … Continue reading

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Have you ever had to face a mouse??

A newly wed couple, friends of ours, found mice in there house. They are extremely hygienic, (the couple that is), so I know it is not because they have a dirty household. The mice just decided to move in. A … Continue reading

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Easy and Healthy Sides

After creating a main dish, you’ll be in need of some easy healthy sides. Here are two recipes that we have enjoyed for years and most import are easy to make! First – How to make Easy Asparagus This is … Continue reading

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