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Use That Phone

As many of you know there are two devises that I always have with me, my Blackberry and IPod Touch! This is not a review or a comparison of different devises just an info blog about what they are good … Continue reading

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Summer Time Place

Hi everyone…Summer is definitely here and I want to talk about what people like to do and go in the summer. Montreal is full of beautiful parks, streets and waterfront but where is it that we find our own little … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Stove Top

We have all been there, time to clean the stove top. We i have just tried, what I think, is the best tool to help you clean it! I used to scrub and scrub and I was never able to … Continue reading

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Comfort Food – Four Cheese Grill Cheese

We all have our own comfort food and for me a nice grill cheese brings back a lot of good memories and is always easy to make. This recipe will add a twist on the regular grill cheese sandwich we … Continue reading

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Rainy Days are Good Days

You ever wake up, it’s raining out and you say “ah, it’s raining, the day is shot!”? Well for me a rainy day come with mixed blessings. On one hand, yes you can’t do much outdoors BUT on the other … Continue reading

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Top 10 Answers to Telemarketers

We have all been there, you get home from a long days work, start to prepare dinner and that’s when it starts… Telemarketers know that you’re home, busy, distracted and most likely willing to do anything to get off the … Continue reading

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Respect for the Game

The 2010 World Cup started yesterday and everybody who knows me understands that there are some days where I will not be available….Many people are showing their support for their favorite team and I am no different. This is Greece’s … Continue reading

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A Wise Investment…

We all like making smart purchases and when thinking of items to buy for the house, you need to do your research and be smart. One thing to consider when making a purchase is how much the item will be … Continue reading

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Green House

Those close to me know that I have two passions, the first being cooking and the second being gardening. When spring come around I get all excited and start planning what plants I am going to buy and bring those … Continue reading

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For the Guys – Just Cook!!

Hey guys, I was trying to think of a recipe to put on here and instead I wanted to tell my story on how I got into cooking, hopefully inspiring some of the men out there to get in the … Continue reading

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