Green House

Those close to me know that I have two passions, the first being cooking and the second being gardening. When spring come around I get all excited and start planning what plants I am going to buy and bring those that I store over the winter outside.

I have talked about cooking here and now I want to talk a little about how a plant can help bring some life to your home. Being green isn’t just about recycling or buying bio-environment products, it’s also about bringing green to your life and enjoying nature.

Ok, so you’re thinking, I can’t take care of a plant. Well keep in mind that there are many different types of plants. Many of the more tropical plants are more complicated to take care of, finding sun, watering, feeding them…it’s like a part time job. I think many people want a low maintenance plant that easy to take care of. My suggestion is the Bamboo plant. They come in different sizes, require very little sun (keep them in the shade) and just have to water them once in a while. The cool thing now is that they come in different designs, bowls and sizes to accommodate your style. I suggest picking one up to help brighten up that room!

Kevin P.

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