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Hello people! IS IT JUST ME or when you get angry do you feel a rush of emotions zap through your body like a current of electricity that explodes right out of your mouth? I use to have a serious … Continue reading

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When it comes to money… yours is mine and mine is yours?

Today I decided it was about time to reorganize our financial papers….for the third time in the last 4 months!!  When it comes to bank accounts, credit cards, investments, insurance and mortgage when in a relationship do you combine everything?  … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

First of all let me say that I am extremely lucky to have a pretty equal relationship when it comes to housework.  My hubby and I both take turns cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, microwaving leftovers etc…  That being said, the … Continue reading

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The Truth is Sometimes you just need a break!

If only I could hold on to that tan just a few more days! 2 weeks away with the man I love at the BlueBay Grand Esmeralda was just what I needed to start the year off on the right … Continue reading

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What is the Truth about Marriage?

September 6th, 2009 was the best day of my life up until now…. I got married to my wonderful husband.  That being said… nobody every told me all the things that come with marriage!  Debt, mortgage, interior decorating, family, future, … Continue reading

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