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Have you ever had to face a mouse??

A newly wed couple, friends of ours, found mice in there house. They are extremely hygienic, (the couple that is), so I know it is not because they have a dirty household. The mice just decided to move in. A … Continue reading

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Swiffer vs Mop

The latest debate in our house is mop vs Swiffer.  Jason and I share the housework equally but when it comes to our tools we think very differently.  We are huge fans of the Swiffer family of products, but the … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

First of all let me say that I am extremely lucky to have a pretty equal relationship when it comes to housework.  My hubby and I both take turns cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, microwaving leftovers etc…  That being said, the … Continue reading

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