Have you ever had to face a mouse??

A newly wed couple, friends of ours, found mice in there house. They are extremely hygienic, (the couple that is), so I know it is not because they have a dirty household. The mice just decided to move in. A whole family of them found their way into a column in the house.
I find mice to be so adorable. I have Cinderella (good old Disney movies) to thank for my love for mice. According to my hubby, and a few articles I read, mice can destroy the house. They can damage food and food packaging they can chew up the electrical wires start ruining the wood behind the walls. They can also carry diseases that can be deadly. If you gotta get them out of the house, you can always call Terminix or just take matters into your own hands by searching How to Get a Mouse Out of the House: on WikiHow. You should also check out this video, How to get rid of mice, it will give you great tricks to rid your self of your unwanted visitors.

Happy hunting!

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