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Help I’m choking!

Tonight as I had a minor choking fit on a tiny piece of cucumber and freaked out my husband, I realized how important it is for us to know CPR. I realized that we really don’t know much about what … Continue reading

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Every Penny Counts!

Money Money Money!!!! It is a part of our lives whether we like it or not and whether we have it or not! The question is how can we make more, find more, save more? I have the perfect solution…. … Continue reading

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Sports! All of them !!! Almost!!!

Do you get tired of having to share your spouse with his favorite sport? I don’t, I LOVE SPORTS! Almost all of them! Some kill me of boredom but I love most. I wanna know, if as many of you … Continue reading

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This morning I wanted to share a funny story! So I always always have an alarm on cause there is always something to be done early! If its not work, its Saturday morning appointments or church on Sundays. My hubby … Continue reading

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Beach Wedding

Hello Truth Seekers!Sorry I fell off the earth and haven’t blogged in a few days. I was in Florida this past weekend to celebrate the marriage of my husband’s cousin. Congratulations Andrew & Annie. The wedding was an intimate beach … Continue reading

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For all you superwomen out there! I wanted to write you all a word of encouragement! I know of a woman, 25, planning her wedding, her fiancé is working with the U.N on a mission, she is studying to finish … Continue reading

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Prank your spouse!

Hey there boys and girls!! Today is the day to play a prank on your spouse… When I say prank I mean a real prank… Not just lie and then say haha April fools’. I suggest traps all over the … Continue reading

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Pictures of me and my ex-boyfriend?

How many of you have kept in touch with partners from past relationships?  Every relationship started somewhere and that somewhere is usually where another relationship ended.  The BIG question is should that past relationship matter?  Jason and I both dated … Continue reading

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Is your new family ready to adopt a pet?

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Hello people! IS IT JUST ME or when you get angry do you feel a rush of emotions zap through your body like a current of electricity that explodes right out of your mouth? I use to have a serious … Continue reading

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