This morning I wanted to share a funny story! So I always always have an alarm on cause there is always something to be done early! If its not work, its Saturday morning appointments or church on Sundays. My hubby HATES the sounds (the many sounds) of my alarms… First of all I have 2 of them to make sure I wake up and second I have this REAL bad habit of snoozing for at least 30 to 45 minutes. I’ve tried to wake up right away but I just can’t help it! Does any one have the secret to being able to get up right at the sound of your alarm or even better, does any one have the secret to waking up on time with out the alarm??

Here is a hot product dates back to 2006 (the alarm technology that helps you wake up)
Check out how this alarm is sure to get you out of bed!

I thought this was awesome!

Have a great Saturday!!!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    i sometimes have 4 alarms going. and I take 45min to get up. I hate walking up fast, i get crunky. I have no idea how to adjust to someone else. Does Guest bedroom work?

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