Sports! All of them !!! Almost!!!

Do you get tired of having to share your spouse with his favorite sport? I don’t, I LOVE SPORTS! Almost all of them! Some kill me of boredom but I love most.

I wanna know, if as many of you out there love watching sports like I do. I never get upset if my husband is watching his sports (I use to, until I got into it, and until I realized : this is great, it keeps him busy for a while haha!)

I was so excited watching the last hockey game between Montreal and Washington that I can’t wait for the next one.

What a fun couple’s activity, especially when you invite other friends to watch the games with you.

I found this great site that teaches you men How To Get Your Wife to Like Football” I think you can use that same tactic for all the other sports!

Call me crazy but a little competition I think is good for a a marriage. If you’re rooting for the same guy you’ve got something to celebrate together when they win! If you’re not, the tension during the game can make for some great … conversation after the game!

Go Habs Go!
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