A Good Marriage Needs Good Pizza

Last night I discovered something new and great about marriage…. Homemade Pizza! I decided late yesterday afternoon that I was going to attempt to make my own dough and then my own pizza! I used my mothers recipe that she got from my late grandmother.

My hubby Jason helped me out and was just as excited…especially when the dough actually rose! I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but learning new things with your significant other is a very very beautiful thing! My first homemade pizza making experience was a successful one and I really do suggest you try to make your own! Would love to see the pics!

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2 Responses to A Good Marriage Needs Good Pizza

  1. Didier Kaade says:

    Can we have the recipe? We will try and make it and send in some pics!!

    Looks tasty!!! :)

  2. Jason Bolanis says:

    I had 5 BIG pieces…

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