HELP!!! … I keep losing my keys

It’s always when you’re in a huge rush, your husband/wife is already outside waiting for you… that the keys decide to disappear!!

Here are the questions I ask myself!
  1. Where did I leave them?
  2. Why are they not in my purse?
  3. Why are they not on the counter?
  4. Could I possibly have accidentally put them in the fridge?
  5. Are they on my bed? (even if I haven’t been in the bedroom)
I just can’t find them
Here are a few tricks I’m gonna start employing in my house because I can’t keep doing this.
So for all of you with my problem it’s pretty simple actually:
  1. have an alarm attached to them activated by a small remote so that you can find them. (I think I would lose the remote )
  2. (My personal fav) Hang them right when you come into your house, on a key hook, near the door or on the inside wall of your entrance closet
  3. attach them to yourself (not such a comfortable option)
Hoping this will be one of the last times my keys are gonna disappear!
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