Use That Phone

As many of you know there are two devises that I always have with me, my Blackberry and IPod Touch! This is not a review or a comparison of different devises just an info blog about what they are good for besides calling. I have the two devises because my Blackberry is like my personal assistant and my IPod Touch is my laptop, I have over 70 apps on my IPod Touch and maybe 3 songs.. Personally I can’t have it all on one devise but that’s me.

People have to learn that their phone is their best friend and should be used as such. Not only is it an amazing communication devise with phone calls, voice mail, texting or emailing but can be used to keep your appointments and ToDo lists. In many cases these higher tech phones have specific apps to help you in your everyday life.

As our lives get busier, it gets harder to remember all the things we needs to do…both for work and personal. A cell phone can help you stay on track!

Kevin B.

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