Top 10 Answers to Telemarketers

We have all been there, you get home from a long days work, start to prepare dinner and that’s when it starts… Telemarketers know that you’re home, busy, distracted and most likely willing to do anything to get off the phone!

It’s happened to me so many times that I want to share how I deal with telemarketers. I want to share my top ten answers that I give telemarketers when they call. Trust me these work! I almost get no phone calls at all now from telemarketers.

Top 10 Answers to Telemarketers:

10. My Brother does that
9. We’re broke…lost all our money in Vegas
8. I’m just the babysitter
7. Getting a divorce and selling the house
6. That’ the job I do
5. Yes I am interested but have 1 week to live
4. Sorry having sex, can I call you back
3. Saving my money for my sex change
2. I have to ask my mom before making a decision
1. Hablo espaƱol?

If you have any answers that have worked, please share them with us!

Kevin P.

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5 Responses to Top 10 Answers to Telemarketers

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is really, really fun to say, "Oh, let me pass you to the person who makes those decisions" and then hand the phone to your three year old. I also used to ask them for their phone number so I could call them back…. These days, usually "Um, I'm on the do-not-call registry. Can I have the name of your company again so I can report you?" works pretty good.

  2. Janice says:

    I always say "thank you so much, you're doing a wonderful job and I wish you all the luck, but I'm not interested"…..they are sooooo astonished that someone is actually nice to them, they can't get off fast enough….

  3. Nelly says:

    i can't tell you how much i laughed reading this. Soooo funny!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like to tell them that I'm sorry, I am busy at the moment, but that if they leave me their home number, I will gladly call them back the following Saturday morning!!

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