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5 Year Old Needs a Job Before Getting Married!!

How cute is this girl????? ~Nadia

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Fine China or Forgotten China?

Many of us have a set of fine china that we got as a wedding gift or passed down from our parents.  Many of those beautiful sets are collecting dust in a china cabinet or a box in the basement.  Why … Continue reading

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Make Your Overworking Spouse Smile!

Want to make your overworking spouse smile?  Have dinner, music, a clean house and a calm atmosphere waiting when they get home from a rough or long day! Today I had to stay at work later than usual and the … Continue reading

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Return to Sender

If you recently moved you know that you need to notify people of the address change. This is common sense!  I receive at least 1 piece of mail every single day from the past residence of my home.  It has been … Continue reading

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Help I’m choking!

Tonight as I had a minor choking fit on a tiny piece of cucumber and freaked out my husband, I realized how important it is for us to know CPR. I realized that we really don’t know much about what … Continue reading

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Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!

This morning I jumped out of bed and into the shower in such a panic! I had somehow fallen back asleep after my 4th alarm went off! Yes I know it sounds ridiculous but I have a backup to my … Continue reading

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Can Your Marriage Take The Heat?

This is definitely a heat wave!!!! Hot hot hot days and sticky nights. I love it but as I lie here in my 31℃ bedroom with my husband fixing the fan and filling our glasses of water with fresh ice, … Continue reading

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Amazing is the Word!

Tonight I went to a fabulous show with my mom to celebrate her 60th birthday! (She still looks 30!) I stole her away from my family after dinner so we could see a show… We went to see Mom’s The … Continue reading

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Youth in a Bottle?

My hubby Jason is a huge fan of Olive Oil! He uses it in all of his cooking and now I use it in so many more things as well! I was trying to find out what other things Olive … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own Wine…….

Helllloooo! It has been a few weeks not writing. I have been working some pretty crazy hours lately which means no time to write. Which also means no quality time with my husband! This is why last night we decided … Continue reading

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