Bring Your Own Wine…….

Helllloooo! It has been a few weeks not writing. I have been working some pretty crazy hours lately which means no time to write. Which also means no quality time with my husband! This is why last night we decided to go out for dinner at Portovino Ristorante in the West Island of Montreal. It is a bring your own wine restaurant, which Jason and I did.

It was the first time in a while that we were able to just sit and enjoy dinner with no work distractions! Great wine, a nice dinner and fabulous company…my hubby!

We had reached a point where we were both super tired and overworked…so a night out like this is just what the doctor ordered. What we didn’t expect is to get tipsy over wine!!! The wine got to both of us which left us a tipsy and stranded at the restaurant! We both didn’t want to take a chance to drive even though we weren’t that bad. We didn’t to call up my brother for a lift and then we all went to enjoy Brian Setzer at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Great and spontaneous night!! Do you have any other great and simple date ideas? Share them!!!


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