Help! I’ve got Milk spraying everywhere!!!


Breasts Spraying Milk

Warning:  If you don’t want to read/hear about breastfeeding stop reading now!!!

So there have been an overwhelming amount of new observations with my new baby girl this first month of her life.  The past 2 weeks I have been having an interesting issue with breastfeeding and I am curious if anyone else has this issue or has a solution for it!

My breast milk seems to be spraying….  all the time.  Many of you have told me that it is normal that after a warm shower or when the baby cries that I will naturally leak milk.  Well it seems that I spray milk especially when I am feeding my little girl.  Its so sad to watch sometimes as my breast sprays her in the eye or face.  I feel so bad and she gets so frustrated.  I have been told to express milk before feeding her so this does not happen…but it does not work.  Sometimes mid feeding it still happens.

I end up with a breast spraying milk all over my daughters face and milk all over her clothes if I don’t put a bib on her.

Anyone out there have the same issue?  Needing some advice, help…anything!!!

Now I’m off to feed my hungry little girl!  Spray ya later!



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9 Responses to Help! I’ve got Milk spraying everywhere!!!

  1. Kristy says:

    Heya Nadia, I occasionally have this problem while feeding. Early on I also had some leakage… but the problem regulated itself over time (now the only time I have leakage issues is when I skip a feeding). If expressing by hand isn’t working, have you tried using a pump? It could be helpful. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it… will probably work itself out. Or, if you think it is a serious problem remember Belles Mamans? They work with a really great lactation specialist Tanja, who does free consultations on Mondays. (Your local CLSC could probably also offer some help).

  2. Trina says:

    Not that I have any experience in this field what so ever but I thought that this situation did call for the sharing of a rather amusing anecdote.
    As you may or may not know my oldest brother has two daughters and my sister-in-law used a pump as well as breast feeding for both. While my brother was of course a very proud papa and all about his baby girls he also happened to be a huge fan of the fact that my sister-in-laws’ breasts got SIGNIFICANTLY larger (she already being a D) and he would often wax poetic about their size.
    It was during one of her more difficult times feeding that my oh so sensitive brother decided to make some comment about their size; my sister-in-law having had enough of his oafish tendencies decided to treat him to the wonders of her breasts and breast feeding and squirted him in the face with her breast from across the couch!!!!! His face was apparently PRICELESS!!!! Not to mention the fact that she then shared her triumph with the WHOLE family during one our dinners!!!!
    Now I know that this is no help to you- but I do hope it beings a smile to your face!!!

  3. Carrie says:

    Hey Nadia,

    Just want to let you know that you are certainly not alone … Two months later and I am still spraying the munchkin ( and myself) regularly. Sometimes she even pulls off because it is too forceful and sort of chokes her. For you it is probably just your milk supply adjusting to her needs, but if it continues here is a link I found helpful…

    Good luck! It took 6 weeks for us to hit our stride but was absolutely worth it!!

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  5. Truth Mama says:

    I have TOTALLY squirted my baby in the face. I just did a blog post about it. If you find a solution, let me know because I don’t have one either. Because this post was along the same lines, I put a link to it in the post I did. Thank you!!

  6. Mario Donoso says:

    Have you try feed your baby lying on the bed?, so gravity avoid the sprying issue.

    I hope you find the way…

  7. Carol Covin says:

    Two possibilities:
    1. At two weeks, babies get insatiably hungry and breasts hurry to catch up by producing more milk. This happened with both my sons. It levels out.
    2. I just saw an instructional video that says when you are teaching a baby to nurse, you want them to open their mouths wide, like a baby bird, before they latch on, not just nuzzle and attach. The video demonstrated gently touching the baby’s upper lip with the nipple, then lower lip, before allowing them to nurse to get them to open wide enough to get the whole nipple in their mouth. This might help.

    Good luck. It is so worth it.

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