Epidural or Natural? That is the Question!

Picture taken by Didier Kaade http://facebook.com/didierkaade

Hello All!

So it’s official.  I am 39 weeks pregnant and one of the big questions on my mind is whether I should take an epidural or not during childbirth!  It feels like everyone I speak to says that it will make my experience so much calmer and more enjoyable.

What did you do?  Take the epidural?  Or have as natural a childbirth as possible… as long as everything goes well.

I had a great conversation on the radio with Kim Fraser on CJAD.  We had some great callers and some interesting advice.  We also chatted with Dr William Camann, author of the book ‘Easy Labor- Every Woman’s Guide to Choosing Less Pain and More Joy During Childbirth’.   You can listen to the interviews here and tell me what you think!

Epidural or No Epidural Part 1-Thu Jul 14, 2011

Epidural or No Epidural Part 2 – Thu Jul 14, 2011

Epidural or no Epidural interview with Dr. William Camann M.D

Time is ticking…… so Epidural or Natural!!!!???????





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4 Responses to Epidural or Natural? That is the Question!

  1. Amanda says:

    Nadia PLEASE take the drugs!!! Why go through that pain?!

  2. Jess says:

    Nadia! I had no idea you were a fellow blogger. I love it! What a great idea – to share truths about married life.

    You look so good pregnant! I know, you must be so over it by now, but you do look very good.

    As for THE question – to epidural or not to epidural – I’m with Amanda on this one. Take the drugs! Although, who the heck am I to give advice? Still no babies here :)

    Take care and keep on bloggin’

    Jess xxx

  3. Fadi Berzghal says:

    My wife was followed by midwives and was planning not to have epidural during her labor. However her water broke a little bit early (week 38) and was transferred to the hospital where she got simulated. Her pain was unbearable and she eventually had the drug. Still, in her next pregnancy hopefully she will have it all natural. Good luck!

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